• “Cheryl Antao-Xavier has been very supportive to me in her advice and editing.”

    ~ Peter Jailall, Teacher, Poet, Storyteller, author of STOP! STOP! Don’t be a bully, 2015; Jottings, 2014; Sacrifice, 2010; Mother Earth, 2009—published by IOWI.

  • “Cheryl Antao-Xavier is a professional editor and it shows.”

    ~ Susan Munro, author of Ravings of a Lunatic Saint, IOWI, 2013.

  • "“As a new author I found IOWI to be a safe, supportive and encouraging environment. The editing was thorough.”

    ~ Vicki Bismilla, author of Forbidden/Verboten, IOWI, 2014.

  • “IOWI has what I call an eagle’s eye: sharp focus, precise and accurate perception when carrying out editing services.”

    ~ Simone Da Costa, bestselling author of I am Beautiful: When I Look at Me, I See..., DaCosta Empire, 2015.

  • “When Cheryl edits a piece of work, she keeps the author's voice so the manuscript remains authentic.”

    ~ Peta-Gaye Nash, author of I too Hear the Drums, 2010, revised 2015, IOWI. Five children’s books through IOWI.

  • “Cheryl works collaboratively with the author, respecting and welcoming their input, while maintaining the integrity and essence of their writing.”

    ~ Silvana Sangiuliano, contributor to The Literary Connection Volume II, IOWI, 2015.

  • “IOWI publishing/editing made my dream come true.”

    ~ Mike Ghatine, author of Secrets of Driving and Automobile Care. 2014, IOWI.

  • “Cheryl is mindful of my writing style; for that reason, she never reworks my manuscripts.”

    ~ Olive Rose Steele, author of Tough Cry, 2014, and The Solid Rock, 2016 .

  • “Cheryl Antao-Xavier combines warmth and caring about you, the client, with wisdom and great expertise in the field. I highly recommend her publishing and editing services!”

    ~ Susan Munro, author of Ravings of a Lunatic Saint IOWI, 2013.

  • “Cheryl is the most accurate editor I’ve worked with.”

    ~ Brandon Pitts, author of Pressure to Sing and Killcreek, IOWI.

Publishing Services

(Please email for current charges)


  • Includes light edit; professional design; professional proofread; provision of pdfs to author for print locally or upload to POD/global distribution.


  • Professional editing of poetry/fiction/non-fiction

DESIGN (with your logo or IOWI logo)

  • Book layout design (cover and insides) with supply of print-ready pdfs
  • Anthologies/poetry collections/fiction/non-fiction


  • Proofreading of print-ready material [eagle-eyed once-over before you go to print]