• "“As a new author I found IOWI to be a safe, supportive and encouraging environment. The editing was thorough.”

    ~ Vicki Bismilla, author of Forbidden/Verboten, IOWI, 2014.

  • “Cheryl is mindful of my writing style; for that reason, she never reworks my manuscripts.”

    ~ Olive Rose Steele, author of Tough Cry, 2014, and The Solid Rock, 2016 .

  • “IOWI has what I call an eagle’s eye: sharp focus, precise and accurate perception when carrying out editing services.”

    ~ Simone Da Costa, bestselling author of I am Beautiful: When I Look at Me, I See..., DaCosta Empire, 2015.

  • “Cheryl works collaboratively with the author, respecting and welcoming their input, while maintaining the integrity and essence of their writing.”

    ~ Silvana Sangiuliano, contributor to The Literary Connection Volume II, IOWI, 2015.

  • “IOWI publishing/editing made my dream come true.”

    ~ Mike Ghatine, author of Secrets of Driving and Automobile Care. 2014, IOWI.

  • “Cheryl Antao-Xavier is a professional editor and it shows.”

    ~ Susan Munro, author of Ravings of a Lunatic Saint, IOWI, 2013.

  • “Cheryl Antao-Xavier combines warmth and caring about you, the client, with wisdom and great expertise in the field. I highly recommend her publishing and editing services!”

    ~ Susan Munro, author of Ravings of a Lunatic Saint IOWI, 2013.

  • “Cheryl Antao-Xavier has been very supportive to me in her advice and editing.”

    ~ Peter Jailall, Teacher, Poet, Storyteller, author of STOP! STOP! Don’t be a bully, 2015; Jottings, 2014; Sacrifice, 2010; Mother Earth, 2009—published by IOWI.

  • “Cheryl is the most accurate editor I’ve worked with.”

    ~ Brandon Pitts, author of Pressure to Sing and Killcreek, IOWI.

  • “When Cheryl edits a piece of work, she keeps the author's voice so the manuscript remains authentic.”

    ~ Peta-Gaye Nash, author of I too Hear the Drums, 2010, revised 2015, IOWI. Five children’s books through IOWI.

Editing and Proofreading Services

Cheryl Antao-Xavier has over 30 years’ experience in writing and publishing. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and studied writing, editing, proofreading, research, design and production at Ryerson, Toronto.

Cheryl has over 26 years’ experience as a professional editor and proofreader with leading publishing companies such as Maclean Hunter Printing (now part of Rogers Media) and Carswell Publishers (now Thomson Reuters), and Oxford University Press (Karachi chapter). She owned a desktop publishing business for three years, editing and publishing newsletters and magazines.

In 2008, she set up In Our Words Inc., which publishes literary books. IOWI publishes an average of seven titles a year. Cheryl is the chief editor and proofreader for poetry and prose at IOWI. 

For enquiries and quotes on manuscript editing, please send us an email.