SELF-PUBLISHING—the professional way!


By Cheryl Antao-Xavier

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Essential tips on self-publishing from a writer/editor/proofreader/publisher with 30 years experience

Self-publishing has become the preferred option for writers over the last decade. More recently, it is acknowledged in literary circles as a legitimate form of publishing for serious writers. The caveat to this acceptance is that authors who choose to self-publish must ensure their books meet industry standards in content and design.

The onus is on YOU the writer to keep your book PROFESSIONAL—in editorial and design. Print-on-Demand takes care of printing and global distribution, adding to the ease of the self-publishing process.

The adage ‘if its worth doing, its worth doing well’ should be the cardinal rule in self-publishing. There are too many sub-standard books vying for attention on global bookshelves—don’t let yours be one of them!

Read the 5 basic steps to publish your next book the professional way!


You’ve worked hard on your manuscript, you owe it to yourself to create a professional book. Cheryl Antao-Xavier demystifies the publishing process step-by-step. ~ Merridy Cox

… advice to produce books that stand out from the pack. ~ Brandon Pitts

… excellent advice; allows a writer to shine at their best. ~ Susan Munro

… wisdom and great expertise in the field. ~ Katie Curtin

… made the publishing of my first book easy. ~ Lillian Khan

... great help for my youth group's publishing team. ~ Maxwell Tran

Author bio: 

Cheryl Antao-Xavier followed her passion for the written word in a 30-year career in the publishing industry in positions ranging from author, editor, proofreader, desktop design, and publisher. She has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and has honed skills in writing, editing, and publishing at Ryerson, Toronto. In 2008, she set up In Our Words Inc., a Canadian publishing company, and todate has helped over a hundred authors bring their creative dreams to fruition. To contact the author, please write: