Soulfie—Set your soul free—poems

By Lillian Khan

ISBN:  978-1-926926-87-2 (paperback) CAN $19.95/US $16.00

Why Soulfie?

A tidal wave of selfies,
drowning us all in external superficialities...

Going deeper than the superficial,
avoiding the hype of this social ritual... 

It is time for authenticity
Set the soul free!
Take a soulfie!

Excerpt from the poem Soulfie

 “Lillian’s poetry touches a deep chord as it is written from the heart. Anyone can identify with her words.”

~ Kumkum Ramchandani, artist, author, poet


“Lillian’s poems touch the reader’s heart and opens up a new world of beliefs, emotions and experiences.”

~ Stefan Tipold, academic, educationist


“She is urged to speak up through a poetic medium. This collection is a treasure for poetry lovers.”

~ Asif Anwar Alig, SEO Content India


Soulfie is just that…Lillian’s soul selfies on issues that cause her to pick up her pen and write out loud.”

~ Cheryl Antao-Xavier, author, editor, publisher

Author bio: 

Lillian Khan is originally from India, and now calls Canada her home. Coming from a family of educators, she believes in learning for life. A former marketing consultant, she is currently a licensed payroll compliance practitioner. Soulfie is her first collection of poems in which she presents her journey through life from a soul perspective.

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