End Zone

Prophetic Timelines and the End Days

By Valerie Drego

ISBN:  978-1-926926-82-7(paperback) $24.50

End times – a period which has fascinated mankind throughout history, each generation believing their own to be the last. But is it finally here? Are the prophecy pieces finally in place? 

End Zone studies biblical prophecy through the lens of history and math. It looks at prophetic timelines held by the Bible, some overt, others hidden in plain sight – the prophecy of names and numbers; of parables and pictograms; of visions; of Hebrew parallelism. It analyses prophetic passages in Leviticus and Isaiah and the immensely prophetic Seventy Weeks of Daniel with its precise timeline to the First Coming of Jesus Christ and the equally precise markers laid out for His Second Coming. 

End Zone places the eschatological pointers enunciated by Jesus Christ in the Olivet discourse vis-à-vis our age; and it examines the heavenly wonder detailed by John in the Book of Revelation which opens the tribulation of the last days. 

End Zone does not set dates; but it unravels a convergence, a cluster of signs pointing to this period in which we stand… 

We are at the doors, even stepping through –

Author bio:

valeriedregoValerie Drego holds a Ph.D. in literature and a post graduate Diploma in Business Management. She is a short story writer and poet. She received the Editor’s Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry, presented by the National Library of Poetry, Canada, 1998. She is also a novelist and non-fiction author. Her crime novel, The Rhymester, was judged a finalist in an open competition hosted by Crime Writers of Canada for the Unhanged Arthur Award, 2012. Her non-fiction work, End Zone, is a study of Bible prophecy and the last days. Her books are available on Amazon, Indigo, Barnes & Noble and through major international distribution outlets, and in consignment through her publisher In Our Words Inc., www.inourwords.ca