Poems by Joan Sutcliffe

ISBN:  978-1-926926-81-0 (paperback) $15.95

The parchment has grown brittle 
as the fingers that shape the memory
the ink has run dry
the last words hover unformed, unwritten
to find their home 
in the silent records of eternity

©Joan Sutcliffe in poem ‘From TIME to TIME’

Joan Sutcliffe’s longtime immersion in theosophical wisdoms comes through in From Time to Time. Her reference base is extraordinary in its reach, urging the less-initiated to seek meaning to comprehend thought and inference. Beautifully evocative poetry crafted with skill and insight from an important voice in the Canadian literary scene.—Cheryl Antao-Xavier, poet, editor, publisher

This is an epic journal of ethereal poetry meant to sate the curious about mythology, theology and mysticism. Sutcliffe’s words are a stunning visual of colours and sounds written upon silent paper, which bursts out loud; alive and breathing into the reader’s mind.  Charmed from beginning to end. Bravo!—Susan Munro, mystical poet and alternative healer

Joan Sutcliffe's poetry gives earthly meaning to our species’ past in relation to the planets and stars. This lovingly crafted volume flows with a smooth consistency. It’s infused with warmth and detailed imagery that comes from Sutcliffe's knowledge acquired from her years serving as librarian for the Theosophical Society.—Brandon Pitts, poet, novelist, playwright, editor 

These beautiful poems reflect on Joan’s deep and abiding interest in Theosophy. She believes that there is a deep undercurrent in our lives that governs our actions and that Nature has a strong influence on our lives. She lays a magical mosaic of words and is totally in sync with her Muse.—Kamal Parmar, poet

Author bio: 

joan sutcliffeJoan Sutcliffe is originally from Yorkshire and grew up in the untamed countryside of the Brontes where she enjoyed the romantic literature of that period, particularly that which gave voice to a restless spirit seeking the mysteries of its own source. Later she became interested in Theosophy and the esoteric philosophy, which inspired her to write poetry as a way of giving expression to the intuitive through metaphor and the language of nature. She is a member of The Ontario Poetry Society.