Poems on the Indian Arrival in Guyana
By Peter Jailall

ISBN:  978-1-926926-77-3 (paperback) $15.95

Peter Jailall’s SACRIFICE—poems on the Indian Arrival in Guyana appears in a revised version to commemorate 100 years since indentureship (1917-2017)

Peter’s voice is the authentic “coolie” voice of villages and the rice fields, while at the same time, the voice of every man, crossing social, cultural and even generational lines. ~ Ken Corsbie, Caribbean storyteller, actor, broadcaster 

Peter Jailall’s writings occupy an important place in the history and culture of Guyanese and people of the Caribbean. ~ Rampersaud Tiwari, retired senior civil service official (Guyana)

Peter writes from the heart about his lived experiences. His poems resonate for immigrants, particularly for those of us of Indo-Caribbean ancestry. ~ Kamala-Jean Gopie, retired teacher, community activist, philanthropist and recipient of the Order of Ontario

Author bio: Peter Jailall has been teaching in Canada, Guyana and the U.S.A. since 1965. He is a multiple award-winning poet, storyteller, and author of nine books. He has volunteered with CUSO extensively in Guyana’s rainforest, teaching children and teachers. In 2010, he was presented the Guyana Cultural Association award for Rural Education in New York. In 2011, Peter won the Martys Established Literary award. In 2016, he received the Vedic Cultural Center’s award for ‘Outstanding achievement and sterling contributions to the community.’