My Magnificent Hair

By Natalee Antoinette Johnson

ISBN: 978-1-926926-70-4
Price: $12

I remember going to school as a child with braids in my hair. Being Caribbean Canadian, my hair was different from that of many of the students in my class. When my mother washed my hair, it would curl up tightly, ‘shrinking’ to a much shorter length when wet. As a child, after she washed my hair, I would sit on the floor in front of her so that she could comb my hair. My mother would use the comb to part sections of my naturally thick hair and carefully braid it. Sometimes I would have ribbons, clips and beads added to my hair. One day in elementary school, I opened up my braids and combed my hair. I wanted it to look like some of the other girls in my class who were from different cultures.

As a child and youth, I didn’t realize the many things I could do with my hair and the many different hairstyles I could create. My parents told me many times that my hair is beautiful. As my mom would tell my younger sister and I, “Your hair is your beauty,” which meant our hair is beautiful.

As an adult, I started to embrace my thick, natural hair. I realized that my hair is magnificent with its natural curl, thick and healthy. It may be different from many others, but that’s what makes it magnificent, as we all have different textures of hair. My hair is versatile, I can style it in many ways—that is, I can wear it straight, curly, braided, in twists, as an afro, or put in extensions. ‘Oh, how I love my magnificent hair The different textures of my hair.’ This book is written to encourage others, including young children within culturally diverse communities to embrace and love their hair and culture. Remember: Love who you are and everything about you!