The Literary Connection Volume III

Compiled and edited by Cheryl Antao-Xavier
978-1-926926-75-9 (paperback) $20.00

Lest I look back
On the vibrant fields of life
Dimming in fading memory

Lest I forget
The times, the places, the people
That were ever defining moments
©Cheryl Antao-Xavier

In Our Words Inc. gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the following writers to this anthology on the theme of ‘Lest I Forget’:

  • Shirley Aguinaldo
  • Lindsay W. Albert
  • John Ambury
  • Cheryl Antao-Xavier
  • Jason Chee-Hing
  • Merridy Cox
  • Wayne Croning
  • Josie Di Sciascio-Andrews
  • Joanna Gale
  • Janine Georgiou-Zeck
  • I.B. Iskov
  • Jasmine Jackman
  • Peter Jailall
  • Përparim Kapllani
  • Lillian Khan
  • Phyllis Kwan
  • Corrina Leblond
  • John B. Lee
  • Danielle Lobo
  • Milena Marques-Zachariah
  • Susan Munro
  • Peta-Gaye Nash
  • Norma Nicholson
  • Kumkum Ramchandani
  • Joseth Reid-Tulloch
  • Kiran Sawhney
  • Nadia Tretikov
  • Ed Woods
  • Zohra Zoberi